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List of psychology open access journals

I’m a fan of open access journals. I’ve already written a post on pay for access and open access journals.

To see an article in a PAY for access journals, you’ll need to use your credit card or have access to a library that’s paid for these journals. However, articles in an OPEN access journal are just a free click away. Free? Yes. Free. Is this too good to be true? Well, sometimes.

There are what’s known as “predatory” open access journals. Publishers of these journals take money from researchers without any concern for quality of research they publish. (It always comes down to money, doesn’t it?) Jeffrey Beall composed a list of these less than savory journals across all fields and disciplines. For my list of open access psychology journals, I tried my best to weed out the ones that were on Beall’s list. Please note that some may have slipped through the cracks at the time I composed this list, and Beall’s list is constantly being updated. Bottom line, if you want to publish in an open access journal, do as you would if you’re publishing in a pay for access journal, get to know your journal!

So here we go. The journals in this list have substantial English content, are currently publishing articles, and cover a broad range of psychology topics. I’ve placed an asterisk (*) by the journals that I like and a double asterisk (**) by the ones I particularly like if you’d like a place to start.

So enjoy some free psychology articles!

Advances in Cognitive Psychology *

Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice

Archives of Scientific Psychology

Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology

Behavioral Sciences

Behavior and Social Issues


BMC Psychology

Burnout Research (ScienceDirect)

Child Development Research

Clinical Practice & Epidemiology in Mental Health

Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews

Comprehensive Psychology

Current Research in Social Psychology

Cyberpsychology *

Depression Research and Treatment

Dynamical Psychology

Early Childhood Research & Practice

Edo Journal of Counselling

Education Sciences and Psychology

Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology

Europe’s Journal of Psychology *

Evolutionary Psychology **

Forum: Qualitative Social Research

Frontiers in Psychology **

Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine

Health Psychology Research *

Gay and Lesbian Issues and Psychology Review

Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine

Interamerican Journal of Psychology

International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy

International Journal of Bipolar Disorders

International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology

International Journal of Comparative Psychology

International Journal of Dream Research

International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring

International Journal of Integrative Psychotherapy

International Journal of Psychological Research

International Journal of Psychology and Psychological Therapy

International Journal of Wellbeing

Interpersona: An International Journal on Personal Relationships

i-Perception *

Janus Head

Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis

Journal of Behavior Assessment and Intervention in Children

Journal of Business and Media Psychology

Journal of European Psychology Students

Journal of Indian Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health`

Journal of Open Psychology Data

Journal Of Vision **

Judgment and Decision Making

Journal of Problem Solving

Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies

Life Span and Disability

Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology

Papers on Social Representations

Polish Psychological Bulletin

Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy

PLOS One **



Psychological Test and Assessment Modeling

Psychological Thought

Psychology & Neuroscience *

Psychology & Society

Psychology, Community & Health

Psychology in Russia

Psychology of Language and Communication

Psychology of Well-Being

Psychology Research and Behavior Management

Psychology, Society, and Education

SA Journal of Industrial Psychology


Sexual Offender Treatment

Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology

South African Journal of Industrial Psychology

The International Journal of Educational Psychology

The Internet Journal of Mental Health

The Japanese Journal of Personality

The Journal of Mind–Body Regulation

The Journal of Problem Solving

The New School Psychology Bulletin

The Romanian Journal of Applied Psychology


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